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Where do you start with the Internet?

You are the decision maker in terms of Internet provision for your organisation or entity.

What, if anything, should you be doing with the Internet? You know the kind of problem. Your organisation has either no or a minimal presence on the Internet and you are not sure if you should have more. You don´t want to waste money; you want something that is cost effective but you are not a Web Designer yourself and you need some professional advice.

THE SOLUTION – I have the solution. Ackland-Snow is a web design company with a difference. Initial consultations are at no charge. The reason I do this is that I obtain sufficient employment as a result of the suggestions I make to justify the expense. I will meet with you to get a view on your organisation and your objectives. Consequent to this meeting I will suggest a course of action in terms of the Internet. The suggestions may range from no action to complete web based business systems.

Whatever the outcome as a result of the consultation you are placed in a more informed position whether you decide to employ my implementation services or not.

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